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浙江长盛塑料轴承技术有限公司(CSB)拟与电装、爱信精机、爱德克斯 合资成立自动驾驶相关的集成ECU软件研发公司 Zhejiang Changsheng Plastic Bearing Technology Co., Ltd. (CSB) Intends To Establish An Integrated ECU Software Research And Development Company Related To Automatic Driving With The Joint Venture Of Electronics, Essence And Edx.

Recently, Zhejiang Changsheng Plastic Bearing Technology Co., Ltd. (CSB) announced that it has reached an initial intention to form a joint venture with DENSO, AISIN and ADVICS. The company develops integrated ECU* control software for vehicle automatic driving and vehicle dynamics control. The proportion of investment is: Denso 65%, Ai Xin Jing 25%, AI DEX 5% and Jie Tai Ge 5%.

* Note: ECU=Electronic Control Unit (electronic control unit)

Today's automobile industry is in the era of "electrification", "intellectualization" and "interconnection" with high-speed development. In the fields of automatic driving and vehicle dynamics control, in order to achieve zero traffic accidents and travel safely, it is necessary to speed up the research and development speed to meet the further development of mobile tools in the future.

In order to achieve this goal, it is necessary to develop an integrated ECU, so that sensors, steering gear, brake systems and other related to the car "driving, turning, stopping" system, in a higher level of form associated. In order to integrate these systems, the control software of ECU will become quite large and complex. Jettagt has reached an agreement with electronics, Essence and Edx to integrate the technical strength and knowledge reserves of the four companies in the fields of automatic driving and vehicle dynamics control, and plans to establish a joint venture to develop integrated ECU software.

The joint venture will develop integrated ECU control software based on the needs of the automotive enterprises, and combine the technical advantages of the four investment companies in sensors, steering gear, brake systems and other hardware to further achieve a higher level of automatic driving.

In the future, CSB will discuss the details of the joint venture with three other companies and is expected to be formally established in March 2019. We look forward to making greater contributions to the realization of safe and secure travel through the integration of the technical forces of the four companies.

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