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Changsheng Plastic Bearing Helps The Ninth Cross Strait Motor Electrical Appliances Expo

June 12, 2018 -14 day, Long Sheng plastic bearing 60th anniversary, in China's small and medium motor capital - Jiashan Olympic Center in Zhejiang, the ninth Taiwan Straits electrical and electrical Expo ("the Straits electric fair") is carried out as scheduled. The channel electric fair converge on both sides of the electric motor enterprises, meeting the business groups of 45 countries, such as India, the United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Indonesia and other countries, as well as the small and medium small plastic bearing motor branch of the China Electrical Industry Association, the China Electrical Industry Association, the branch of the horse power motor, the plastic bearing association of various provinces and cities, and so on. A professional buyers Association and a professional audience from 27 provinces. The motor exhibition across the Taiwan Strait is dedicated to building domestic professional procurement platform for small and medium sized motors, pumps and generators.

On the afternoon of 13, CSB group held a forum on "Application of C&U motor bearing new technology and new products" at the main meeting of the Expo, invited nearly one hundred co - operative representatives to come. The forum invited Miu Zeguang, President of Jiaxing municipal electrical engineering society, to express the opening speech on behalf of the Fu'an cooperative enterprise; Zhejiang Changsheng plastic bearing technology Co., Ltd. Manager Li Junling made a detailed introduction to the guests, and the manager of the CSB group applied for a detailed introduction to the application of C&U motor bearing new technology and new products. Finally, the CSB bearing and the East Fujian Motor knowledge have been awarded a prize and answer link, alternately interspersing the knowledge of the CSB bearing and the East Fujian Motor, and the guests are actively involved. The scene is active.

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